Philadelphia has one of the highest rates of owner occupied properties that are owned free and clear. However, many of these properties are delinquent with their real estate taxes. Low-income, owner occupied households are eligible to enroll in a repayment plan to become current on their back taxes. Monthly payment amounts are based on the income of all household members, with a minimum monthly payment of $25 per month.

If the legal owner of a property is deceased and there is no will, the property will need to go through the estate process to transfer ownership to the surviving heir. Heirs are then able to enter a repayment agreement with the City of Philadelphia. They are required to transfer ownership of the property within three years of the date of the agreement.

To enroll clients in a repayment agreement for back taxes, an AHCOPA counselor will need to review:

  • Property Deed
  • Proof of occupancy (Gas, Electric or Cell Phone bill)
  • Proof of income for all household members
  • Notice of delinquency of the real estate taxes
  • Photo ID
  • If the legal property owner is deceased and you are the heir, also provide:
    • Legal property owner’s death certificate
    • your birth or marriage certificate showing your relationship to the owner


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