Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania
Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania

AHCOPA guides you along the path of meeting the necessary qualifications to achieve homeownership for the first time. We serve as the bridge between the client and the lender, real estate agent, and home inspector by translating complex terminology into client-friendly language.

Homeownership offers the benefits of long-term wealth and social stability. Through housing counseling, clients will examine and improve their consumer habits, what their values and priorities are and how to become a responsible homeowner.

Program benefits include:

Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania

  • Credit Counseling and Education
  • Asset Building Strategies
  • Referral to lenders with favorable loan terms for first-time buyers
  • Access to grant programs that will ease the up-front costs for homeownership

The first step to participate in our First Time Home Buyer Program is to attend a group educational workshop. Please register in advance for a particular workshop date and time by clicking here. Once you have attended a workshop, the next step is to receive one-on-one counseling with one of our advisors. You will be given all next steps at the workshop.

Before starting this process, you will need to complete the intake package.

You can do this at the workshop, or prior to it by clicking on and completing/downloading the form on the attached page.