Our 2017 Annual Report

Please review our latest annual report for more insight on our programs, impact in the community and key partnerships.

AHCOPA 2017 Annual Report


Highlights of Our Successful Partnerships with Clients

First-Time Homebuyer Program ~ 2017

Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania

  • 2017 First-time homebuyer workshop attendees: 538
  • Clients that received one-on-one counseling: 445
  • Clients that purchased homes: 125
  • 73% of clients that purchased homes obtained assistance for the down payment and closing costs.

Foreclosure Prevention Program ~ 2017

Affordable Housing Center of PennsylvaniaMortgage Delinquency

  • Clients that received counseling services: 229
  • Clients that obtained successful mortgage resolutions: 62

Affordable Housing Center of PennsylvaniaReal Estate Tax Delinquency

  • Clients assisted: 114
  • 80% Successfully entered repayment plans

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