Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania

Established in 1985, AHCOPA provides housing counseling for the Greater Philadelphia area. Our goal is to not only serve as a resource center for our clients, but also become their advocates. Whether you are pursuing the purchase of your first home or searching for options to maintain your status as a homeowner, please contact us. Our highly knowledgeable counselors will explore a variety of resources that you may not be aware of.

We are a HUD-Certified, non-profit housing counseling agency and official adopters of the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling.

Counseling services that we offer include:
  • First Time Home Buying Counseling and Education
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
  • Homeowner Emergency Loan Assistance Programs (HEMAP)
  • Loss Mitigation Proposal Preparation and Submission
  • Mortgage Diversion Negotiation
  • Knowledge of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau guidelines.
  • Applying for Philadelphia’s Home Improvement Loans (PHIL-Plus and Mini-PHIL)
  • Applying for Delinquent Tax Repayment plans
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Credit Counseling and Money Management
Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania
Affordable Housing Center of Pennsylvania